Scrammble Tournament

An Education Project Sponsored by Concerned Community Organizations

PO Box 944, Yorktown Heights, New York 10536

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Community Education Scrammble Tournament/Game Show


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Scrammble Tournament at Public Library, Community Center and Yorktown Studio, New York State


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Mail to: TLC Information Services, 3 Louis Drive, Katonah, NY 10536 (Do not  use Post Office Box for large package)




Thank you for your generous contribution listed above.  As a sponsor and contributor, you will be properly acknowledged in all the tournament publicity materials. Please keep this record of your contribution. You may request a separate receipt for tax deduction purpose.

* Form approved by Coordinator of Organizing Committee - Community Education-Scrammble Tournament/Game Show 

** Scrammble Tournament is a community education project to provide an event that stimulates good learning habit for children and family; Scrammble Game Show is a learning & entertaining TV show.

*** Appropriate product contribution accepted will be exhibited at the Tournament Practice Sessions and at the championship tournament and presented at the Game Show, for more information about the event see