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Two Major Scrammble Game Events

Scrammble Game TV Show
Nickname: Dr. Wordman Show

Dr. Wordman

Scrammble Game Tournament
Annual Prize Competition


Past Prize Contributors of Scrammble Tournament

Sponsors and Contributors of Scrammble Tournament


for 2008 Winter Tournament


332 Route 100 N, Somers, N. Y. 10589
Hudson City Bank
Baldwin Place, New York
Reader's Digest
Mount Kisco, New York

(A Collection of books donated)
Katonah, N. Y. 10536
Northern Westchester & Putnam Teacher Center
200 BOCCES Dr. Yorktown Heights, N. Y. 10598   

668 Route 6, Mahopac, N. Y. 10541

Medical World Search
POB 944, Maple Hill, Yorktown Hts, N.Y.

Numbers League at - Created by Chris & Ben

Superheros use math skill to rid of villains in Infinity City

SAT Game for Dummies

Play your way to a better SAT score!

Beverly, Ma

An Addictive Word Game               Family Word Game

Eternity Games
Sherman Oaks, CA
(Zoki Games, Deluxe Edition, Zoki Games, and Hexa Zoki; Zoki game recently caught Governor Schwarznegger's attention)

Tangle, Tanglemaster, Richard X. Zawitz
South San Francisco, CA

Pywacket, LLC, Cromlet


Griddly Games, Sports Board Games, Puzzle Gift Box, Money Maze

Face2Face Games, Buyword Word Game

The Enfinmitar, Music Learmning Toy

Scrammble Games
Donated Scrammble Games for Tournament Use and Prizes
Yorktown Heights, NY

K-2 Chinese Book & Learnoing with Dolls,

4TH Corner

The Art of Conversation (TAOC)

Wiggity Bang Games, Family Nonsensical Fun

Pemtago, Five in a Row with a Twist

Abalone, Marble Game

Mostaix, Mosaic Art

WebNjenz, online car race

Bindu, Board Game with a Flavor of Ancient India



Noodle Booster

Anonymous Contributors

Fur Real
Monopoly Express
Monopoly Electronic Banking
Scrabble Express

Lego Pieces

We thank our contributors for donating the above games and toys as prizes for our Tournaments

We Also Thank the Volunteers and Contributors to Help Our Winter Scrammble Tournament as Judges, Buzzer Controllers, and TV Show Assistants


List of Sponsors and Contributors of

2007 and 2006 Scrammble Tournaments

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 What Is Scrammble?


Scrammble game is a word game with math elements which have been successfully tested
in several schools and libraries. It is a set of games that command players' interests
and focus, offer learning opportunities in vocabulary, spelling and math operations
and provide fun and excitement. Official Scrammble Tournament information is updated on this site. For more information on Scrammble Game and related games, you may visit


Scrammble Games Invented by Dr. Ifay Chang - Patent Pending