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Official Scrammble Tournament Rules

(A) General

  • Every contestant must register to play in the tournament. Use the registration form to register.

  • Every contestant and competing team must adhere to the game rules of this tournament. Violator will be disqualified.

  • Every contestant must follow the official Scrammble Tournament Schedule. No show or late show of more than 3 minutes will be disqualified from the competition.

  • Any dispute related to the competition will be resolved by the Tournament Judge.

  • No protest against the Tournament Judge is allowed except when more than one (or one team) of contestants are protesting against the same Judge. Such protest will be resolved by the Tournament Organizing Committee.

(B) Rules Governing Contest

  • Contestants must report to the Tournament Official before the scheduled game time to obtain permission to begin a competition.

  • Each contestant must use the official Tournament Score Sheet to record competition results and hand it to the Tournament Judge at the end of the competition.

  • Tournament Judge has the authority to rule on any issued raised by a contestant.

  • Tournament Judge has the authority to rule on termination, postponement and/or cancellation of a competition due to any unexpected events or circumstances.

  • Conversation with anyone other than with contestants or Judge in the same game is not allowed during the game.

  • Contestants must conduct themselves with gamesmanship. Tournament Judge has the authority to disqualify a contestant on misconduct basis.  

(C) Scrammble Game Rules

  • The deck of Scrammble cards must be first counted (136 cards) then shuffled by one or more contestants and then examined and approved (cut the deck) by the Tournament Judge before game begins.

  • The minimum length of a word that can be claimed is 3 letters long. Tournament Official has the authority to raise the minimum length to 4 or 5 if necessary.

  • The first claimer (determined by time sequence) gets the claimed word even it is a shorter word than a word (or words) claimed immediately after in time except when the letters of the shorter word are all contained in the word claimed immediately after, then the first claimed word is considered to be scrammbled and lost to the second or later claim.

  • Adding s, es, d, ed, or n, en are not acceptable if the addition merely changes the existing word's tense or plurality.

  • Challenge of the correct spelling of a word must be made immediately when the word is claimed, not permissible at a later time. Dispute on correct spelling or acceptability of a challenged word must be resolved by the Tournament Judge immediately after the challenge is made. Judge may use a dictionary to resolve the dispute.

  • Both winner (s) and loser (s) must hand their game score sheets to the Tournament Judge. The winner (s) then must obtain information of the next contest from the Tournament Official.

  • Word scores and game scores are computed at the end of the game and verified by the opponent immediately. The winner must ask the loser and the Judge to sign on the winner's score sheet to certify the winning score. 


Tournament Press Policy

(A) Press Releases

  • Scrammble Tournament Official Press Releases will be published on this web site.

  • Press are invited to observe and cover the Tournament Events. However, any photo involving any minor should not be published if the guardian of the minor objects its publication.

  • All media interaction and publications should be brought to the attention of the Scrammble Tournament Organizing Committee Official.

(B) Contestant's Permission for Media Exposure

  • All contestants are required to give permission on media exposure when registering for the Tournament. Anyone refuses to give such a permission must personally contact a Tournament Official to obtain a No Press Photo/Video card to wear during competition.

  • All Tournament winners must give permission to media exposure during award ceremony or have an adult representative to receive award. (Sign Release Form)

(C) Contact for Press

 Scrammble Tournament Schedule


Practice Sessions - Free Workshops

  • 3:30 - 5:00 PM Wednesdays at Citibank, Somers Rt 100, Opposite St Luke's Church

  • 3:30 - 5:00 PM Thursdays at Mahopac Public Library, Mahopac Rt 6, by Mahopac Lake

Tournament Schedule - Championship (To be finalized on 4/24/2006)

  • Feb 23 - 25, 2007, Are Reserved for the Scrammble Tournament, Locations: Citibank, Somers and Mahopac Library (See Tournament Schedule)