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Official Scrammble Tournament Event and Rules
Tournament Usually Begins with Scholl Winter Recess

Video Broadcast of 'Community Education - Scrammble Game' Show Weekly on Local Cablevision Public Channels Will Cover the Tournament and Its Continuation!
Free Workshop (Game Show Format) Will be available before the Scrammble Tournament, Advance Registration Required.
Schools May Request Practice Workshop To Be Held on Campuses and May Send Student Teams to Participate in Studio Game Show

Scrammble Tournament Proposed Official Schedule

Feb. 16  Pre-registration Deadline (All pre-registration fee will be refunded, if the player arrived at the Tournament on time!)
Late Registration Late Registration Accepted on Tournament Site if space and game slot available. Registration form available online and at Mahopac Library Information Desk.
Audience of Tournament Participation as audience is welcome.  Sign in and get your reserved seat at the contest room or TV room showing of previous Tournament Recordings. 
  Last minute walk-in contestants are accommodated only if game slots available  

Singles Division

Family Division

 Student Team Division

Winter Recess Register and Sign in,  email or call 914-248-6770 for inquiries Register and Sign in,  email or call 914-248-6770 for inquiries Register and Sign in,  email or call 914-248-6770 for inquiries
contest All contests take place from 4:30-6:30 PM at a TV Studio, players are matched by grade level and age; a contest session will begin with a minimum of 2 players (2 or more Singles, 2 Family Team of 2 and 2 Student Team of 2).
Contestants must keep score record for advancement which may continue on same day, next day or next week at the Scrammble Game Show at Cablevision Yorktown Studio.
Contestants who lost in earlier rounds and any new player who missed the opening games of the Tournament may request to play against early Tournament Winners at the Scramble Game Show (Fridays at Studio in March, April and early May).
All contestants may receive a Scrammble calculator after their first game while supply lasts. All Competition winners scoring above a minimum score will receive Tournament Prizes according to ranking. Champions with exceptional scores will receive additional Cash Prize.
Contest & Final Announcement Prize presentation will begin taking place in the first week of May (Teacher's week) on the Scrammble Game Show. Prizes will be held for winners till September 1.Prizes must be collected at the TV Studio. (No mailing!)
Judges All games are supervised by at least one Judge. Judge invitation and schedule will be emailed before Tournament. Non-contestants are welcome to serve as Judges. Please email to confirm.
Score Sheet Please use the official Score Sheet to record your results. Download/Print Print/doc




1. Contestants must sign in and each competition game is limited to 30 minutes. 2. The judge decides how fast and how many cards are opened each time and maintains it at a constant speed. 3. Players win words by declaring a formed word then followed by spelling the formed word in clear voice (no loud shouting). 4. The judge rules on who is the first person declared and spelled correctly the word. (Electronic buzzer may be used for final rounds of contests) 5. When opponents declared the same word, then the word can not be claimed and the letter cards remain on the table for new word formation. 6. When opponents declared different words, the first declarer wins except when another word declared is longer and contains all the letters in the first declared word. (Equivalent of scrambling and stealing: stealing is acceptable only when a new word with new meaning is formed by using all the letters of the stolen word plus one or more letters) 7. Each game must finish or stop within 25 minutes with 5 minutes for counting score. (score sheet provided) 8. Each player counts his own score then counts one of his opponent's score. If two counts are not the same, Judge may do recount if necessary to determine the winner. 9. The Judge records the highest score and declares its maker as the winner for advancement. 10. In team competition, the same rules apply between opposing teams and between team members of the same team. 11. Challenges and disputes are settled by the Judge with the aid of a dictionary. 12. The Judge may disqualify any player if the player's behavior is deemed improper by the Judge. 13. The Judge may permit or forbid spectators for the benefit of the competition. 14. First two games eliminates but 3 finalists, third game determines Champion and runner-ups by score. 15. Late arrival or sign in will be ruled as forfeit.
Awards Awards and Prizes Presentation To Be made on Scrammble Game Show , TBD
  Tournament Categories/Prizes/Schedule   Registration Form
How to Play Scrammble Word   How to Score Scrammble Word
Scrammble TV Show Due to parents and students' positive response, Scrammble studio workshop (4:30 -6:00 PM at Yorktown Cablevision studio) will continue after the Scrammble Tournament in a game show format. Contact or call 9142486770 to request participation. Venue at Cablevision Studio at Yorktown (5/12/2006 reserved) & Peekskill (5/19/2006 reserved).

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