Scrabble/Scrammble Tournament

An Education Project Sponsored by Concerned Community Organizations

PO Box 944, Yorktown Heights, New York 10598

Tel/Fax  914-248-6770  email


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Fax or Drop Off at Selected Library or Mail to the Above Address                           


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(Registration in Multiple Categories are Acceptable if no Time Conflict, check payable to Community Education – Scrammble Tournament)

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Sponsor Name

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(Check payable to Community Education-Scrammble Tournament, above address)*





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Thank you for registering in the contest of ‘Community Education- Scrabble/Scrammble Tournament. Please keep & mail a copy of this registration form to the above address.

* Voluntary, organization sponsors/donations in cash or goods/services most welcome

** The Tournament is a community education project to provide a fun event that stimulates good learning habit for children and family in communities

*** Tournaments will be held at selected community library and/or Cablevision Studio, 2013 Crompound Road, Yorktown Heights, NY, several times a year. ( Awards, Prizes and Rules see )